Coda File System

a bug in /coda/. contents lookup...

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 23:03:17 +0200

I have spent this evening looking at the code and logs and still have not
figured out where it happens. Giving up and reporting, may be Jan or
somebody else can look at it.

When you try to ls /coda/something
and "something" is existing realms, there is no problem at all.

When you supply an invalid realm (easiest is something that begins with
a dot, but it can be any non-existent realm name), then any "new" lookups
result in hanging symlinks. That survives Venus restart.
(the realms having been successfuly listed stay accessible)

It looks like if one of previous "working" realms times out and disappears
from /coda, then you can access it (or may be another valid realm?) again
and it begins to work for new valid realms, until you try an invalid realm...

Linux, either patched 2.4.26 or Debian's 2.6.8.
All related libs and Venus from cvs 2004-09-23.

Venus from 2004-05-04 does not have this defect, with the same libs from

Hope it helps,
Received on 2004-09-28 17:05:16