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Re: Coda File Updates

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 09:51:43 -0700
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On Thursday 23 September 2004 09:13 am, redirecting decoy wrote:
> I just put about 25 megs worth of files (from the
> scm), into the storage volume.  My problem is that
> none of the clients see these files.  However, if I
> were to go to one client and create a file, then look
> at the other clients, the file shows up.  But it does
> not show up on the SCM.  Anyone have any idea why this
> is so ?

Only clients add files to a coda file system.  If you are just putting the 
files in /vicepa on your SCM directly, the server ignores those files.  If 
you were running a client on the SCM and used the client on the SCM to put 
the files in coda, the other clients should see them.

Only files placed in /vicepa (or what ever the directory) by the server will 
be visible by any clients.

The server creates volumes, but you are "talking" directly to the server to 
get it to create the volumes. 

The only exception I know of to the rule that "only clinets add files" is for 
the backup and restore software that runs on the server machines.   But 
again, the process interacts with the coda server to get the job done.

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