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Re: Kerberos & Coda - Setup Instructions?

From: <>
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 00:06:51 -0600
Ivan Popov <> writes:

> Hello Jorge-León,
>> I just set up a coda server and tried to follow the recomendation found
>> somewhere some time ago to use Kerberos authentication.  So I set up
>> Kerberos5 ... for the first time, just like coda.  However I could not
>> get the two to play together.  It is possible to do a kinit with my
>> Kerberos account, but clog fails.

/vice/auth2/AuthLog says:

Krb5Validate: Wrong principal in request while reading request
19:45:23 Authentication failed for "n???0?????????????????????????1a??-0??)?????????MAGMA.COM.NI?(0" from

> I don't know what is the reason of your problem, but anyway - the old
> Kerberos support is limited. You might want to try the experimental
> modular clog instead. It has a lot better support for several authentication
> types.
> A patch to be applied to cvs-2004-08-31 after ./configure is available at

Thank you very much, that made it a lot clearer to me.

Now here is my success report:

- Applying the patch to the Debian (unstable) package sources and
  makeing the binary packages fails (I guess their sources are from
  older CVS).

- Applying the patch to the CVS head branch succeeds.

- Creating Debian packages from the CVS head branch fails.

I guess that your patch will make it soon into the main branch, and
later eventually into the Debian packages, so I consider using plain
Coda-token authentication in the meantime.

My goal was to make a How To on Setting up a Coda Cell with Kerberos5
authentication on Debian with minimal administrative Overview.

For now I stripped it down to Coda Setup, the name ist still the same:

I'd be glad if this is of use to anybody.


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