Coda File System

Re: RPC2 and TCP on wireless networks

From: Greg Troxel <>
Date: 15 Sep 2004 07:56:35 -0400
Jan Harkes <> writes:

> Actually, SCTP is 99% done. The only thing missing at the moment is
> multi-rpc, but that shouldn't be too hard to add.

That's great to hear.   It would be cool to try to merge in GSS-API
support, or at least a way to indicate that for later, at the same
time as this on-the-wire change.

> The problem is that the SCTP code is (clearly) not backward compatible
> with the existing UDP transport

sure - is there way that clients try both and prefer SCTP?

> and SCTP is not yet passed along by many
> firewalls and routers, SCTP can't get outside of CMU's wireless
> network, and possibly not even anywhere off-campus.

Does CMU really have firewalls that block SCTP within the campus?
That's pretty broken for a university (although expected in corporate
environments), but such is the state of the world these days.

> The visiting student
> (Gabriel Kaelin) who wrote it did a great job of cleaning up the code,
> but along with fixing up the last few missing bits it would still
> require a forward port of the existing UDP-based RPC2/SFTP transport.

I don't follow this comment.

        Greg Troxel <>
Received on 2004-09-15 07:58:51