Coda File System

"bi-directional replication"

From: Marc G. Fournier <>
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 00:58:20 -0300 (ADT)
I've been reading the docs, and *think* what I'd like to do is possible 
with coda, but am wondering if anyone else has tried ...

I have two servers ... I want to replicate /dir1 from serverA -> serverB, 
and /dir2 from serverB -> serverA ... serverA would run 50% of services, 
while serverB would run the other ... the idea is that if serverA goes 
down, a heartbeat monitor would detect that and start up serverA's 
services ...

once serverA comes back up again, the services wouldn't auto-start, but 
would be started manually once I'd re-sync'd serverA/dir2 back to serverB 
and shutdown the services that were temporarily running on ServerA while B 
was down ...

>From reading the docs, I *think* should be able to do this with coda ... 
ServerA would be both master/client to itself, with a secondary master on 
ServerB ... and serverB would be both master/client to *itself*, with a 
secondary master on serverA ...

I think ... ?

Can there be two "masters" running on the same server?  Or is there a 
simplier way of doing this?

Thanks ...

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