Coda File System

Re: Configuring a server with several interfaces

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 11:19:11 -0400
On Mon, Aug 30, 2004 at 01:14:59PM -0500, Nicholas Haggin wrote:
> Jan Harkes wrote:
> | The response to Coda's volume location request only has a single
> | ip-address. So that causes a bit of a headache for multi-homed hosts.
> | The only solution really is to pick one address, and stick to that as
> | much as possibly, using routing tricks to make sure that anyone on
> | either network can reach that one address.
> 	Speaking of routing tricks, how well does Coda play with NAT? I did

Clients shouldn't have too much trouble with NAT anymore, but there
might still be corner cases. The main firewall issue is that we use UDP,
which cannot reliably be tracked, so our defaults are set low enough to
reprobe all servers within 3 minutes which is about the time that a
Linux netfilter/iptables based firewall remembers the redirection.

If the firewall does not keep the redirection around, it is possible to
use a fixed port on the client side and configure the firewall with a
static NAT redirection which maps a fixed port on the firewall to the
specific local IP adddress/port of the Coda client.

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