Coda File System

Configuring a server with several interfaces

From: Nicholas Haggin <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 16:11:11 -0500
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	Greetings, all.

	The machine I use as my Coda server at home also serves as several
other things, being in effect a multipurpose network workhorse. I've
recently installed a second Ethernet adapter in it, which is connected
to my 802.11 access point; my current project is securing said access
point with a captive portal and IPSec. The server has IP address on the wired side and on the wireless.
	In the process I've found that Coda is now broken on the wireless side;
I get the dreaded "Connection timed out" error when attempting to access
files on a Coda volume. Everything still works fine on the wired side,
and the firewall rules between wireless and wired are not interfering
with Coda traffic.
	The ipaddress parameter in my server.conf is currently set to; should I unset it? Or do I have to tell Coda to start up
two server processes, one for each interface? Or could something else be
the matter?

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Nicholas Haggin


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