Coda File System

Writing while disconnected

From: James Le Cuirot <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 18:02:44 +0100
I have seen discussions about getting tokens while disconnected but after
conducting my own tests, it seems this is no longer necessary. Certainly a step
forward, it makes things a lot simpler. However, I'm still having problems.
While I can write with my normal user account, I cannot write as root. When I
try, the command simply hangs until I press Ctrl+C. I use Entrance to log in and
as far as I can tell, it's writes the Xauthority file as root because when I try
to log in, it just sits there. XDM doesn't have this problem because it puts the
Xauthority file in /tmp instead. I could try to make Entrance work differently
but I can imagine the inability to write as root causing problems in other ways.
Any ideas?

Received on 2004-08-10 13:05:33