Coda File System

Re: difference between replicated and nonreplicated shares

From: Andrea Prunic <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 17:09:29 +0200
Ivan Popov wrote:
> Hello Andrea,
> On Mon, Jul 12, 2004 at 01:41:33PM +0200, Andrea Prunic wrote:
>>To explain: we have a bunch of computers in our company where we keep 
>>music files, for example, and we want to share all of those directories 
>>so that anyone can access anybody's directory, no matter where it is 
>>physically located (on which computer) but without logging to every machine.
> I read it as you want to share many files located on lots of workstations.

Yes, that't the idea. Just sharing under one tree, no replication or 
whatever, only one username/login pair for each user (different, of 
course :)

>>Now, coda is supposed to do that, but I don't see how.
> Not really.
> Coda is supposed to present a file space to a lot of clients,
> while physically the corresponding disk memory is connected to
> relatively few, trusted servers.

Well, a coleague told me that AFS can do it, so I turned to coda as a 
newer and supposedly better solution.
Now, is AFS better because it can do what I want to, or not?

>>When I create replicated volume, everything I put under 
>>/coda/ goes to every other server (machine) 
>>that is a part of the cell.
> No, it goes to machines holding replicas of the corresponding volume.
> There could be as few as 1 replica (a common test scenario) or up to 8
> while more than 3 is usually impractical.

That's what I had in mind...still not very well with the terminology... :)

>>I have server and client installed on every machine, so that anybody can 
>>share a part of it's file system and put it as a volume in the coda tree.
> A Coda realm is "centrally" administered, you should not let everybody
> modify it (unless "anybody" above implies only system administrators :)
> A power over the realm is not the same as a power over a workstation,
> it is the power over all servers (workstations in your case).

Yes, I've put a root server on my machine, and another replica server on 
coleagues machine.
Every replicated volume is nicely propagated from master to slave (so to 
say), and every kind of administration is done exclusively on my 
machine, which is a root server.

>>                                        |---volume1 (on machine1)
>>                                        |---volume2 (on machine2)
>>                                        |         |
>>                                        |         |---volume3 (on machine2)
>>                                        |
>>                                        |---volume4 (on machine4)
> No problem to do that itself, but Coda is probably not a good solution
> for gathering workstations' disk space together.

Well, we looked for couple of days for such a solution, but couldn't 
find any that is free, opensource etc.
Almost everywhere you have coda or afs coming up as a solution, or some 
p2p solutions, which on the other hand, is not exactly what we had in 

So, can you tell me (or anybody) what software to use for my needs, or 
at least, how to make coda work the way I want?

We'd appreciate any help....

Thanks, Andrea

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