Coda File System

difference between replicated and nonreplicated shares

From: Andrea Prunic <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 13:41:33 +0200
Hello all.

I have been striving to make a small intranetwork coda system that will 
not work in the usual way, but without replication.

To explain: we have a bunch of computers in our company where we keep 
music files, for example, and we want to share all of those directories 
so that anyone can access anybody's directory, no matter where it is 
physically located (on which computer) but without logging to every machine.

Or in other words, we need to have a tree of all shared folders, so that 
client does not know where a particular leaf in the tree (folder) is 
located, and he can see the whole tree all the time, no matter is one of 
the leaves accesible at some moment or not.
Also, he has to be able to login with just one password and username, 
and not explicitelly to each machine he wants to talk to, like when 
using FTP os Samba, for example.

Now, coda is supposed to do that, but I don't see how.

When I create replicated volume, everything I put under 
/coda/ goes to every other server (machine) 
that is a part of the cell.
On the other hand, if I create a non replicated volume, say on root 
server, I can't use it, because when I try to put something in it, venus 
crashes (why?)

I have server and client installed on every machine, so that anybody can 
share a part of it's file system and put it as a volume in the coda tree.

But, I can't make it work without replication...

Can I do what I need to do using coda? I really don't want to replicate 
20GB of music...

                                         |---volume1 (on machine1)
                                         |---volume2 (on machine2)
                                         |         |
                                         |         |---volume3 (on machine2)
                                         |---volume4 (on machine4)

etc etc.

Contents of volumes are all different, and every client sees the tree 
like this. So, when he logs in, he can
cd /coda/, and then cp somefile /tmp copies 
somefile from machine1's /vicepa dir onto his local /tmp dir. Then, if 
he does cd /coda/ and does cp somefile2 /tmp, 
he gets somefile2 into his local /tmp from machine4/vicepa.

This is what I need, and I can't make it work, so I need your help.

Greetings, Andrea

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