Coda File System

Re: repairing of removed files in conflict

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 00:54:54 -0400
On Sun, Jul 04, 2004 at 10:06:23AM +0200, Michael Reithinger wrote:
> Until here erverthing seems to be allright.
> 08   client2: cfs beginrepair /coda/test_domain/test_vol/test_dir/test_file
> 09   ls -l /coda/test_domain/test_vol/test_dir/test_file
>         ... global -> @7f000005.00000084.00000083_at_test_domain
>         ... local
> There is another dangling symlink for global!

That is because the global object doesn't exist.

> 10   client2: cfs endrepair /coda/test_domain/test_vol/test_dir/test_file
> 11   client2: repair
> 12   repair > beginrepair /coda/test_domain/test_vol/test_dir/test_file
>        Too few directory entries
>        Could not allocate replica list
>        beginrepair failed.
> how can I repair my test_file?

Not sure, file repair has not been part of the 'repair' tool for that
long. The old solution was to use the 'filerepair' command. I believe
you run that by giving it the preferred replacement file. So if you want
to simply replace the conflict with an empty file it would be something

    touch /tmp/empty
    filerepair /coda/test_domain/test_vol/test_dir/test_file /tmp/empty

This is more likely to work because it is a bit more mature, from the
error message it looks like the repair tool got confused and believes we
are trying to repair a directory conflict.

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