Coda File System

Re: Fedora Core 2 - VolCreate failed with RPC2_DEAD

From: Christer Matson <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 12:40:39 +0200
Well, I managed to get the coda server running on FC2, built from cvs. I
think the original problems I reported came because I hadn't cleaned out
previous installations properly. But even so, the first createvol_rep
after vice-setup did not produce properly, so I played with volutil for
a while and finally purged all volumes. After that the createvol_rep
worked and I had a functioning server.

The remaining problem now is that I can't get venus to run on my FC2
clients (not locally on the server either, exactly the same problems
here). My old FC1 (linux 2.4) clients are running fine with the new FC2
server, though. 

venus-setup have produced exactly the same setup on FC2 as on FC1. Here
is what I get when I run venus on FC2:
	[root@]# venus
	Date: Fri 06/11/2004
	16:49:46 Coda Venus, version 6.0.6
	16:49:46 Probably another Venus is running! open failed for
	/dev/cfs0,/dev/coda/0, exiting

/dev/cfs0 seems ok:
	[root@]# ls -l /dev/cfs0
	crw-rw----  1 root disk 67, 0 11 jun 09.51 /dev/cfs0

I'm not sure if modules.conf (or conf.modules) are read on FC2 so I put
the coda aliases in modprobe.conf which should be OK. But no difference,
venus wont run either way.

Anyone have any ideas what can be the problem here?
Best regards,
Received on 2004-06-12 06:50:25