Coda File System

Re: replicated servers freezing under load

From: Jim Page - <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 18:43:42 +0200
Hi Jan

> But I would be interested in your current log, and if it is reproducable
> a log at level 10 (volutil setdebug 10), and level 30. Just bump that
> loglevel somewhere after the onslaught has started and hopefully before
> the lockup.

Unfortunately loglevel 10 changes the dynamics and the error doesn't happen,
as you thought. I have attached some sample SrvLogs anyway.

I will send more stuff when I can generate something useful - I'm under a
bit of pressure at the mo but I'll get to it.

I have also spotted what I think is a mistake in the code that is preventing
things like 'cfs fr <dir>' from working properly. Source release coda 6.0.6:
file, line 1002: looks like it's missing a 'break' to me.
Result is that code that operates correctly in the VIOC_SYNCCACHE case falls
through into VIOC_REDIR and the return value is changed to EINVAL, unless
your directory string happens to be the same size as a struct in_addr, in
which case venus will probably crash.

Sorry if it's already been fixed.


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