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Re: CODA on Fedora Core 1

From: Casey Helfrich <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 11:36:47 -0400 (EDT)
Hi Nuno, I just though I should clear up a couple of things.  (This is
from memory so I appologize if anyhting is missing.)

The 2.4.xx kernel has the neccessary kernel module for 5.3.xx Coda as part
of the distribution.  Moving forward, the 2.6.xx kernel has the proper
6.xx Coda kernel module built in.  It sounds like you want to run 6.xx
Coda on a 2.4.xx linux kernel.  This is absolutely normal, and I'd guess
that 90% of the folk on this list are running that exact setup.

>From the beginning this is what you need to do.  Get the follwing files:

Untar them all:

tar xzvf <filename>

Enter the linux-coda directory and run "make config" and give the
appropriate answer to the questions for your system.

The look at the Makefile that has been formed.  There is a line near the
top that says something like:


or something like that.  This does not work on Redhat Systems for some
reason.  Simply edit it to say:


then type "make coda.o"

Now you have a shiny new coda.o in the linux2.4 sudirectory.  That that
and copy it into the appropriate lib/modules directory (as Niraj
mentioned, it is something like /lib/modules/2.4.xx/kernel/fs/coda/)

Then as root, run "rmmod coda", "depmod -a" and "insmod coda" which will
give you feedback as to which coda.o it used.  If the corect one loaded
then you are all set.

Now your system is setup properly to install Coda 6.0.6, so install as you
normally would.


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