Coda File System

Re: CODA on Fedora Core 1

From: Nuno Tavares <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 01:32:00 +0100
Em Wed, 26 May 2004 10:21:07 -0400, Jan Harkes escreveu:

> Why did you build 6.0.5 when 6.0.6 that has this fixed was released a
> couple of weeks ago?

Well, I found pretty hard to choose which one to install. There is no
information about wether which ones are stable/unstable versions, nor
2.4/2.6-ready, just a plain directory index.

So, lets define it clearly here:
coda*5.x is for kernel 2.4,
coda*6.x is for kernel 2.6, right?
> There are 2 solutions,
>   - Either build a coda.o module for your 2.4 kernel from the
>     linux-coda-6.0.0.tgz package (which Niraj mentioned)
>   - OR, use a Linux-2.6.x kernel.
> Build instructions for 2.4 modules are in the README file in the
> linux-coda package, but here is a quick summary.
>     make config
> 	This checks your kernel version and tries to figure out with what
> 	options your kernel was build, SMP/module versions/etc. We need to know
> 	these things otherwise the module will refuse to load (or worse crash
> 	the kernel).

I've just copied the original config file available within /boot, then 
issued "make oldconfig_nonint" twice, and then "make dep". You missed
"make dep", but what I did should be equivalent.

>     make coda.o
> 	If the configuration was successful, this should build a coda.o module
> 	in the linux-2.4 subdirectory.

# cd linux-coda/linux2.4
# make coda.o

That was done, also.

>     make install
> 	This _tries_ to copy the coda.o module to the right place in
> 	/lib/modules.
>     Then you probably want to run 'depmod -a', which updates the module
>     loader dependency files, and if you previously tried to run the Coda
>     client it is quite likely that you need to remove the old kernel
>     module with 'rmmod coda'.

That was done also, including depmod. I'm not sure if the make install
does it, but I confirmed by doing it manually.

> If after all this venus still doesn't run, try to load the module by
> hand, because that way we see any errors that might be preventing the
> new module.
>     rmmod coda
>     insmod [path to linux-coda-6.0.0]/linux-2.4/coda.o
> Ofcourse in some cases upgrading to a 2.6 kernel is easier, because the
> Coda 5.0->6.0 realms related changes are already merged.

Well, not exactly. I really need to stick to 2.4 kernel tree, for various
reasons. Will further CODA development be backported to 2.6? In which
CODA branch (5.x/6.x) ?

Nuno Tavares
Received on 2004-05-26 20:34:11