Coda File System

Re: CODA on Fedora Core 1

From: Nuno Tavares <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 09:43:22 +0100

Does that mean that support for 2.4 has been discontinued?

I went to follow your suggestion in my box (which is already FC2, not
FC1 as the test environment) and noticed this: 
* the script is meant to be
run as root. Warn the user.. 
* VERSION_CODE arrives empty if trying to
read from current kernel - line 242 
* MODDIR is incorrectly calculated in FC2
(/lib/modules/2.6.5-1.359.359) - line 260 
* After the last question, got
some messages complaining about:
  "ksyms: QM_MODULES: Function not implemented"
* I'm not sure if it was installed... i've accidentally run it as user and
got exactly the same message as running it as root. That's impossible,
because no user except root as write permission.. alterante target kept
empty also. How do I check if everything is installed?

I may try to correct these issues for you.. are they known, or perhaps
fedora related? I have both FC1 and FC2 to test.

Em Wed, 26 May 2004 02:10:02 -0400, Niraj Tolia escreveu:

> Nuno,
>     The kernel interface for Coda changed between 5.x and 6.x. You need 
> to either upgrade to a 2.6 kernel or get the coda module sources from 
> <>, 
> compile it, and stick it in the appropriate /lib directory (should be 
> /lib/modules/<kernel-version>/kernel/fs/coda on Fedora Core 1).
> Niraj

Nuno Tavares
Received on 2004-05-26 04:45:45