Coda File System

Coda for Darwin/MacOS X project

From: Christer Bernérus <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 22:17:54 +0200
I have finally managed to set up an open-source project for the 
development of the Kernel extension, and possibly other software that 
are specific for the Darwin/Mac OS X platform.

There is nothing there yet that could be used in any kind of 
"production" environment, but with some help, that could become a 
reality. Source for my port of the kext is available over CVS, the web 
site is also live to give 
background, project info, compile instructions etc.

Developers who wish to contribute are more than welcome.

-- Chris

Christer Bernérus, SM6FBQ
System Manager
IT systems & services/Medic
Chalmers University of Technology
Received on 2004-05-20 16:20:04