Coda File System

process suspension issues

From: <>
Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 23:54:37 -0400
Suppose on my coda client, I say
    cp *.c /coda/myserver/src
and copy a lot of files to my coda filesystem. Both client & server are on the
net, the client via cable modem. If, in the middle of the cp, I suspend
the process by typing ^z in unix, two bad things happen:

  - It takes 3 minutes to suspend. (Which basically renders a large portion
    of the reason to suspend moot.)

  - The current copy operation aborts with an "syscall interrupted" error and
    so when I later resume the cp job, I will find that one of my files failed
    to get copied.

When this happens, "cfs cs" reports servers up, and "cfs lv" reports
I'm in connected mode.

Is this standard behavior for coda? Am I doing something wrong?
Received on 2004-05-17 15:27:46