Coda File System

doc problems

From: <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 12:56:07 -0400
venus-setup uses some program called codaconfedit. It is not a script; it's a
binary. There is no man page for it in the man-page tarball. What is this
thing? Does its existence imply that I should fear to hand-edit

clog has a detailed useage msg, which it prints out on stderr when it is
unhappy. But it's all lies:
    ; clog -help
    Missing host
    Usage clog [-q] [-test] [-h authserver] [{-kerberos4,-kerberos5,-coda}]
	    [-tofile <file>] [-fromfile <file>]
	    [-as username] [Coda username]
According to the man page, and this also appears to be the way it actually
works, clog really only takes a -x switch. This is quite misleading and
would be very easy to fix.

I also note that coda tools are distinguished by their pretty consistently
missing the standard --help switch. It would sure be handy to have it.

Finally, it seems to me that having "cfs la" error out with a msg about timing
out when the true problem is that the client is in disconnected operation is
an extremely unfriendly and misleading error msg. Is it impossible to have it
report that the client's in disconnected op? (The answer may be "yes;" I'm
pretty much a novice here.) A better report would save a lot of user
These little things all seem to be the mark of
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