Coda File System

maximum cache size in venus

From: Steve Simitzis <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 01:16:31 -0700
are there any practical limits to the size of venus's cache? i've been
running caches in the GB range, and i seem to have problems as soon as
df -i /coda hits 94%. (it also seems impossible to go above 94% for
reasons that are unknown to me.)

for example, with a 4GB cache, i've been getting these errors:

[ W(74) : 0000 : 08:34:20 ] fsdb::FreeFsoCount: counts disagree (174762 - 163840 != 10921)
[ W(74) : 0000 : 08:34:20 ] fsdb::FreeFsoCount: counts disagree (174762 - 163840 != 10921)

which eventually results in a crash. (i've posted about it before, so i
won't go into too much detail. it's the assertion / crash on line 284 of

if i bring the cache down to anywhere between 1.9GB - 3GB, i start
seeing these errors, in addition to the others above:

[ W(34) : 0000 : 00:53:52 ] fsobj::StatusEq: (5a684608.7f000008.93726.504e9), VVs differ

venus crashed within an hour of hitting 94% on the 3GB venus. i haven't
been able to crash the 1.9GB venus yet, though i'm still keeping my eye
on it. (i purposely chose the number 1.9GB because it's less than 2GB.)

also, as soon as i hit that magic 94% mark, i start seeing lots of these,
whenever the cache is in the GB range:

[ W(34) : 0000 : 01:05:01 ] fsobj::StatusEq: (5a684608.7f000003.1.1), LinkCount 10 != 266

just for fun, i also tried lowering the cache to something ridiculously
small for my application, and i had none of the above problems, even once
i hit that magic 94% limit. of course, i suffered a performance loss,
so i'm back to monitoring my machines for dead venii.


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