Coda File System

Question on Coda capabilities - "full hoard mode"?

From: Chris Woodfield <>
Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 12:12:27 -0400

I'm a MacOS X user who's been closely following the work to port Coda 
to the platform. I have a specific "itch" that I'd like to be able to 
scratch and I'm wondering if Coda could be used as the scratcher...

I have several MacOS X workstations (two desktops and a laptop) with 
wireless cards connected to a Linux server. On the MacOS machines, I 
would like to keep my home directories in sync; I'm currently using a 
third-party file sync app to sync all three directories with a shared 
volume on the Linux machine as the "authoritative" store (that is, all 
three machines sync with the share instead of against each other). It's 
servicable, but obviously not real time (each sync run can take up to 
an hour , which means it's impractical to do on a "running" basis).

Coda seems to be a perfect solution here, at least as soon as it's 
working and stable under MacOS question is whether or not Coda 
supports a kind of "full hoard mode" where I can run a Coda server on 
the Linux machine, and each client workstation stores all files 
locally, syncing file changes to the server as they occur.

Yes, this does sound a lot like iDisk. iDisk is great, but impractical 
for entire home directories due to its file quota and non-local access 
model. It's kinda hard to sync an entire home directory over a 384K DSL 

 From the FAQ, it's unclear whether or not a client that is hoarding 
files continues to sync them to the server if it is connected, or if 
the sync only takes place when hoard mode is activated and deactivated.


Received on 2004-05-01 12:15:42