Coda File System

Cache Overflow

From: Johannes Martin <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 16:50:36 +0200 (CEST)

I just tried to copy a rather large file (bigger than my localcache) to a
coda volume and of course ran out of cache space.
15:05:58 Cache Overflow: (4119, -51509)
15:06:28 Cache Overflow: (4119, -177517)
15:06:58 Cache Overflow: (4119, -581265)
It looks like cp wasn't told about this problem as it finished without any
error message (and it looks like the file is actually there). When I tried
an ls on the volume, I got a:
15:43:47 Fatal Signal (11); pid 23240 becoming a zombie...

I then killed the old venus and started a new one, and got the following:
15:54:49 /coda now mounted.

15:54:54 Cache Overflow: (4119, -240630)
15:55:24 Cache Overflow: (4119, -240630)
and as soon as I tried to access the volume
16:27:34 Cache Overflow: (4119, -240630)
16:27:51 Fatal Signal (11); pid 2219 becoming a zombie...

I ran venus -init to reinitialize things, and it works again. Is this the
expected behaviour or should venus be able to recover from a cache

Then, more trouble: another client got write-disconnected from the server:
  Status of volume 0x7f000001 (2130706433) named "coda:home:jmartin"
  Volume type is ReadWrite
  Connection State is WriteDisconnected
  Minimum quota is 0, maximum quota is unlimited
  Current blocks used are 915870
  The partition has 34709316 blocks available out of 35737652
  Write-back is disabled
  There are 320 CML entries pending for reintegration
but cfs writereconnect doesn't seem to work, maybe because of
  16:36:50 volume coda:home:jmartin has unrepaired local subtree(s), skip checkpointing CML!

I can't see any unrepaired subtrees, is there a way to find them?

Thanks for your help!

Received on 2004-04-30 10:58:50