Coda File System

A couple of Coda questions

From: Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 09:30:29 +0200
I've got Coda running fine now, after a few initial hurdles.  A couple
of questions, though:

Little is said in the various howto-documents and manuals about the
methods and implications of choosing and changing the size of the
venus cache.  If I understand correctly, it has to be larger than the
largest file you will ever access through Coda -- right?  Am I correct
in assuming that, to change it, you have to synchronise the client to
the server, shut down venus, change the parameter in venus.conf, and
restart venus with "-init"?

If I understand correctly, Coda security is currently completely (and
securely) implemented, except for the single quirk that only the
RPC2_XOR encryption method is available.  Correct?  Am I right to
think that it's just a matter of adding DES en-/decryption support to
...rpc2/rpc2-src/secure.c (and, possibly, other methods along with new
constants in ...rpc2/include/rpc2/rpc2.h), and there will be support
for proper security on the wire?  It seems, though, that Coda will not
use it, as the RPC2_OPENKIMONO and RPC2_XOR values are explicitly
coded into the Coda source.  Should changing these to RPC2_SECURE and
RPC2_DES (or some other encryption scheme) be expected to work?

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