Coda File System

Re: More bugs in krb5.c!?

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 15:33:59 +0200
Hello Michael,

> It seems as if there are still some bugs in krb5.c - as I just found out, the 
> realm specified in the conf-files is not used - it is always determined from 
> the hostname!

Having one kerberos realm in config files for a client
is wrong per se - different coda realms can use different kerberos realms.

I would rather keep the code as it is - there are probably more issues with
it - but for the release after the next one I'd like to see a configure
option to choose a new clog.
Until then we cannot even decide how appropriate the new model is - if nobody
tries to use it.

Jan, what do you think?

> Is it of any use if I start working on a patch or will this code be replaced 
> soon?

Certainly the code will not be replaced at once. If you have a patch that
works for you and makes your life easier, then submit it.
If you can live without the patch, do not waste your time.

It is just my 2c
Received on 2004-04-20 09:35:26