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From: <>
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 23:22:15 -0400
On 2004-03-20 Paul Prantilla wrote:

>Btw, did you try putting the ff line in your /etc/coda/realms? : 
>xp2600pro <ip address of xp2600pro> 
>That's what I usually do when I can't clog to a newly installed coda 
server despite being able to ping it. It >would work then after I put that 
line. Before I figured that one out, I had to do something like "clog 
>impact24_at_192.168.0.1" to get it going. 

My own experience, very limited, tells me that this is not a good thing to 
do. In my case, I followed Paul and had


added to the realms file, and then I did a 

venus-setup laptop 20000

(Note that this post deals entirely with the situation where I have no 
private DNS server to resolve the IP address of "laptop.")

Then I started up venus.  I was able to cd to both directories 
/coda/ and also to /coda/laptop.

However, before long, I was finding that I could not view what was 
underneath -- some type of conflict may have occured.

What I found to be reliable is the following:

1) NO additions to the realms file

2) venus-setup 20000

3) Start venus

Now, /coda/laptop is not found,  but /coda/ is found, and it 
seems to be very reliable.  Granted, this is only 10 or 20 minutes of 
testing (after a day of "figuring".)


I can use HELP though from someone who can show me what configuration 
steps I need to take so that I can create a symbolic link such that:

/coda/l -> /coda/

thereby giving me a very small amount of typing and a very short prompt, 
rather than having things stretch out on the terminal window.  Currently I 
have no non zero size CodaRoot volume that allows me to do that, and "ln 
-s ..." gives me an error.  I am asking about something that was done 
extensively at IBM when they used AFS and had many cells.  For example, 
the cell


was abbreviated with a link:

/afs/lair -> /afs/

By the way,  I understand that IBM is migrating away from the use of AFS 
internally and is trying to replace that superstructure with something 
based around something like NFS.  Sadly I think I can understand why:  all 
these lockups, conflicts and so forth do not make for a user friendly 
system -- even for highly technical users.  My question is, with enough 
time and energy and work put into the complex CODA system -- can it be 
made to be as user friendly as the simple NFS like systems? Or is that a 
misguided wish.

Burt Silverman
Received on 2004-04-18 23:28:26