Coda File System

Re: Questions on disconnected operation

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 12:55:35 +0900
>>>>> "Johannes" == Johannes Martin <> writes:

    Johannes> From what I understand from some email archives, I will
    Johannes> only have anonymous access from the time the token
    Johannes> expires. Is this correct?

You're missing three words: "to the server."

    Johannes> Is there any way to retain full access rights for more
    Johannes> than 24h

If by "full access" you mean "to files you haven't cached", the answer
is "you never had those rights" (technically, clients only manipulate
files in the cache).  If by "full access" you mean "to files in the
cache", you retain whatever rights you had as long as you possess a
valid token, even if it is expired.  However, you cannot reintegrate
the local cache with the global Coda filesystem until you reacquire a
fresh token manually.  This is true whether or not you are connected,
unless you are using Kerberos (in principle, other automated
authentication schemes are possible but AFAIK only Kerberos is
currently implemented).

    Johannes> or after a reboot of the client?

This requires saving and restoring a valid token.  Use "clog -tofile
.codatoken <user_at_realm>" to authenticate and save the token, and "clog
-fromfile .codatoken" to restore it after restarting the client
(whether voluntarily or because of a reboot).

If you have multiple users, use a separate token for each.

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