Coda File System

Re: How to clean up /coda

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 11:19:24 -0500
On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 04:53:50PM +0100, Johannes Martin wrote:
> I was experimenting with coda for a little bit and now there are lots of
> subdirectories in /coda that I don't really want (one for every server I
> ever tried to conect to). Is there a way to remove these? As coda tries to
> contact the servers (even if they don't exist) when I do an ls /coda,
> there is quite a long wait whenever I do that.

They should disappear as soon as there are no more cached objects for a
realm, you should be able to speed up the process by using
    'cfs fl /coda/realmname'

> Also, I accessed my server through it's IP address (/coda/ and
> by it's name (/coda/my.server). Now there is a conflict between
> /coda/ and /coda/my.server that repair doesn't seem to be able
> to handle:

Yeah, the client actually sees both as different realms, but the server
doesn't realize this (yet) and only sends callbacks to one of the two.
This can easily lead to conflicting views of the same server tree, and
thus conflicts. Although I don't know what exactly you mean by a
conflict _between_ and my.server.

> 	/coda/$ repair
> 	This repair tool can be used to manually repair server/server
> 	[...]
> 	repair > beginrepair x
> 	Too few directory entries
> 	Could not allocate replica list
> 	beginrepair failed.

Ehh, play around with 'cfs endrepair x', maybe the conflict is already
expanded. Alternatively you can try to use 'cfs beginrepair x' and look
at what the expanded conflict looks like.

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