Coda File System

Replicated volume upgrades

From: Jason A. Pattie <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 14:20:34 -0600
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I started my coda experience with only one server.  I only have one
volume, created using the createvol_rep command.  Now, I want to add
another server to the mix and be able to bring it into play as a second
host to replicate the initial volume I've created and now populated with
valid data.

Is there an easy way to add servers?  According to the instructions, the
VSGDB file needs to be updated to contain more entries with different
unique IDs.  Then, new volumes can be created using these new IDs that
have both servers in them, and clients can start using those volumes
which will then automatically replicate to all the servers defined for
that ID.

Do I need to take the above steps, create a new volume, copy the data
from the existing volume into the new "truly replicated" volume, drop
the old volume, create another new replicated volume with the name of
the original, and finally copy the data from my "new" volume back to my
"original" volume? or can I rename the "new" volume to the "original"'s
name after dropping the original?


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