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Re: build nits with lwp, autotools versions

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 18:48:44 -0500
On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 06:35:32PM -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:
>   > Apparently it doesn't run libtoolize, and there is some libtool stuff
>   > checked in to CVS.
>   That is because they keep changing the macros, or at least shifting them
>   between packages. It used to be automatically run when you defined the
>   AM_PROG_LIBTOOL macro in the file, which is what we do. But
>   now they have moved it to AC_PROG_LIBTOOL, but there is no backward
>   compatibility for anyone using the old name. Changing to the new name
>   ofcourse breaks it for anyone using the older autoconf tools.
> ugh.  Well, the current cvs lost when compiling on my up-to-date
> netbsd system since it seemed libtool was in cvs but wasn't,
> and the libtool m4 macros that aclocal picked up were out of sync with
> the libtool in cvs.  So I wonder if things have to be all from the
> same tools, or none-run-them-all-yourself.  For CVS, I favor the
> latter.

Ehh, afaik it is 'non-run-them-all-yourself'.

CVS/Entries looks like the following on my machine,

    /.cvsignore/1.1/Tue Nov 21 20:45:04 2000//
    /AUTHORS/1.1/Tue Nov 21 20:45:04 2000//
    /COPYING/1.1/Tue Nov 21 20:45:04 2000//
    /PORTING/1.3/Tue Nov 21 20:45:04 2000//
    /README/1.1/Tue Nov 21 20:45:04 2000//
    / May 21 22:41:13 2001//
    / May 21 22:41:13 2001//
    /NEWS/1.19/Thu May 22 20:54:48 2003//
    /INSTALL/1.4/Mon Feb 23 20:33:17 2004//
    /acinclude.m4/1.23/Mon Feb 23 19:36:50 2004//
    / Feb 23 19:41:21 2004//

So there are no libtool related files checked into CVS. Maybe you got
bitten by the AM_PROG_LIBTOOL -> AC_PROG_LIBTOOL macro change?

>   distributed tarballs, although I don't care all that much for the
>   bootstrap step needed for CVS builds.
> Not sure what you mean, but it is IMHO important for people to be able
> to build from CVS reasonably easily.  But it's not that important for
> people with very old tools.  I build from cvs a lot to get the bug
> fixes since the last release...

Whenever we grab a copy through CVS, we have to run to get
something that actually can build. In other words the missing
aclocal.m4,, configure, and the libtool files
can all be created by running the various autoconf tools in the right

But whenever we build a tarball with 'make dist' (i.e. lwp-1.xx.tgz) it
includes all of the automatically generated files so that anyone should
be able to run './configure ; make' even when they don't even have any
autoconf related tools installed.

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