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Automated clog in login scripts

From: Jason A. Pattie <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 15:28:30 -0600
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What would it take to setup .login or .bash_login or .bashrc, etc. to
automatically detect that a user logging in has or does not have a token
and then prompt them for a token authentication (via clog)?  I'm
thinking I would need to grep against the output of ctokens for all the
different possibilities to determine that this user does or does not
have a valid token, etc., and then continue to login or run clog to have
them enter their passphrase to obtain a valid token.  I will also need
to know whether they are starting in disconnected mode or not to be able
to determine (based on hostname, I would assume) if I pull an
authentication token using '-fromfile' or automatically use '-tofile'.

I am aware of the Kerberos/PAM interface but don't want to go there at
this time.


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