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Backing up coda volumes

From: Jason A. Pattie <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 14:31:04 -0600
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I'm looking into using the coda-backup system installed from a .deb on
Debian, and I successfully ran the script after some
modifications (i.e., changed all the e-mail addresses so it wasn't
sending anyone other than myself e-mail, and fixed the hardcoded
/vice/db/dumplist and /backup arguments to the 'backup' command and
removed its attempt to backup to tape).  Also, I renamed those two files
to be 'backup-coda' and ''.  Wouldn't that be a better
naming convention (or something similar), to indicate what the backup
executable and shell script are for?

I noticed that the (renamed) backup-coda command did not like to use
/backup on the SCM to backup the /vicepa (also using the / mount point)
volume.  It complained that they were both using the same device and
stopped the backup.  So I moved the "backup"s directories to
/var/backups/coda/backups[1], modified the vicetab file and tried again.
~ This time it worked.  Amanda is already backing up / and /var, so I
assume I can just leave the backed up volume files in /var/backups/coda
and let Amanda back them up like normal.  Then every weekend, clear out
all coda backups that are less than today's date and run the coda backup
to do a full dump.  This will probably eat more and more data on the
tapes, because instead of just incremental volume dumps being backed up
on weekdays, it will be the initial full dump from the previous weekend
plus all incremental dumps up to this point in the week.

Is there a better way to do this?  I've seen the amanda .deb's after
dpkg-buildpackage'ing coda CVS.  Do I just install those?  Is there
documentation on how to setup Amanda to directly backup the coda volumes
without having to run the script?


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