Coda File System

Re: weird auth2 problem

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 14:27:44 -0500
On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 03:02:25AM -0800, Steve Simitzis wrote:
> about every few weeks, auth2 will apparently "freeze up". i will be unable
> to authenticate with clog until auth2 is restarted up on the coda server.
> i should add that each of my venus clients (they are all web servers)
> is running clog every 5 minutes in a cron job.

If I would venture a guess, it would be that there is some sort of a
resource leak. Maybe dead connections are still hanging around and when
a new request comes in the code probably checks if this was received on
a known connection.

Let's say it takes about 2 weeks for the freeze to occur and you have
three clients, by that time there have been about 12000 connections. If
none of these actually got cleaned up, that's significantly more than
what I tend to see on the servers. Over the last 2 months, the highest
number I see for verdi/mozart/marais was around 360 simultaneous
connections, and the testserver peaked at around 3600 connections.

Servers actively discard old connections, so they can recover. But auth2
doesn't have a callback connection and probably never notices that the
(clog) client has long gone. I'll have a look, maybe add some timeout
so that we kill off any connection that has been unused for a couple of
minutes (or simply keep some maximum limit of connections open).

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