Coda File System

RE: how much space ?

From: Lionix <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 16:12:43 +0100
>  during setup there were some questions about log file size, number of
> files, and so on.. I understand that these are some of the components
> that determine the amount of space available on a mounted volume, but my
> question is how much space do I have available on a volume at any one
> specific time?

You can use the rvmsizer to know how many rvm you are using....
And $>df | grep vicepa...

> using Linux rhe3 and managed to get the module loaded into a
> 2.4.21-4.ELsmp kernel (built originally by redhat)
> df -h is either wrong or I did a boo boo..
> on the SCM coda       20M     2.0k      19M      1%  /coda
> on other servers
> coda       196M   3.0K      184M    1%  /coda

That show that you set up venus with a local cache of 20M on the scm and 
something like 200M on the servers.
Pay attention to the fact that venus cache size should be at least the 
bigest file size you will acces in coda-fs...
You should perhaps consider increasing a little bit venus cache size on 
the scm...

> im able to access a volume I mounted inside /coda and have read+write
> access.. replication works.

Good ! :o)

> I have a 40 gig drive im ready to chop up and allocate space to coda,
> but in the process of the install I wasn't sure how to take advantage of
> this space.

If it was you original test-disk, stop coda, increase you partition 
/vicepa as high as you can....
You will need to run vice-setup again and say good by to your data in 
( vicesetup wipe up data )

If it's a new disk create a partion of 40GB, mount it on the unix system 
as /vicepb and run vice-setup...

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Received on 2004-01-25 10:14:56