Coda File System

Permissions problem on coda after reboot

From: Marek Zachara <>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 10:07:40 +0100

I have managed to get through the installation and configuration
of both coda client and server 'grepping' the mailing lists and documentation
but now I have come across weird problem...

I have installed a coda server on (let's call it ) host1 
and coda client on host2. When I did it yesterday I was able
to use the coda as it is supposed to work, I had a mounted
/coda/myrealm visible and accessible at coda client machine (host2),
I could make directories, copy and access files there.

I went to sleep happy the work is done ;-)

Now I turned on the machines this morning and the system is only
'half-working' - I can clog (as admin), I see the /coda/myrealm mounted, I see
the files I copied there yesterday, I can read them, but alas! I cant write
anything on the coda volume! :(
here is some output I think could be helpful:

clog went okay for user admin (id 17 at coda server)
ctokens (at host2):
Tokens held by the Cache Manager:
Local username: root

        Coda user id:    17
        Expiration time: Sun Jan 25 11:30:17 2004

# ls /coda/myrealm
aa test dunno.conf

#touch /coda/myrealm/bbb
touch: cannot touch `/coda/myrealm/bbb': Permission denied

#cfs listacl /coda/myrealm/
      System:AnyUser  rl
System:Administrators  rlidwka

at host1 (coda server) if I execute # pdbtool list
I get:
USER System
  *  id: 1
  *  belongs to groups: [ -2 ]
  *  cps: [ -2 1 ]
  *  owns groups: [ -2 ]
USER admin
  *  id: 17
  *  belongs to groups: [ -1 ]
  *  cps: [ -1 17 ]
  *  owns groups: [ -1 ]
GROUP System:AnyUser OWNED BY System
  *  id: -2
  *  owner id: 1
  *  belongs to no groups
  *  cps: [ -2 ]
  *  has members: [ 1 ]
GROUP System:Administrators OWNED BY admin
  *  id: -1
  *  owner id: 17
  *  belongs to no groups
  *  cps: [ -1 ]
  *  has members: [ 17 ]

I have found no log information that could help me solve the
problem, but when I do (at host2 - client):
# cfs setacl /coda/myrealm admin rlidwka
I get:
/coda/myrealm: Permission denied

and the SrvLog at coda server (host1) says:
09:52:37 CheckSetACLSemantics: rights violation (9 : 9) (10000001.1.1)
09:52:37 Entering VFlushVnode for vnode 0x1

ah, almost forgot, here is some system info:
host1 (server) is Linux Debian, kernel 2.6.1
host2 (client) is Linux Gentoo, kernel 2.4.24
I have compiled and installed coda version 6.0.3 on both machines.

Will be grateful for any help.

Received on 2004-01-24 04:12:54