Coda File System

Re: global identities name space?

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 14:13:49 +0900
>>>>> "Ivan" == Ivan Popov <> writes:

    Ivan> I'd like to give, say, a login process at site A an identity
    Ivan> name ensured by site B, so that the login program would
    Ivan> painlessly and securely verify my proof via B -

I don't really understand the application, though.  A passport, as you
say, is purely authentication, and doesn't provide authorization for
real services.  It just allows "the authorities" to track the behavior
of a particular identity.  I can understand why "the authorities"
would want this, but from the point of view of a service user, what is
the benefit of this?  I suppose some users could benefit by obtaining
services essentially anonymously on the strength of having an identity
vouched for by a particular authority (MasterCard?), but I don't see
why this requires a global namespace uniquely identifying users.

We already have Kerberos and SSH which have some of these features;
what new applications would be enabled by (eg) allowing TGTs from
multiple Kerberos realms at a given host?

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