Coda File System

ACL database | Coda and LDAP / Kerberos

From: Sven Brandenburg <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 00:22:18 -0500
Hello gents :)

My understanding of coda is somewhat limited but my take is that it is 
not possible
to store file ACLs in LDAP (yet). I've been wrapping my mind around 
in the past days and think it's working..  my idea to do this in first 
place was to use
LDAP as a backend for kerberos' user database and have user 'clogging' 
using kerberos
tickets instead of codas own;
while the latter might work (i'm getting compile errors with 
coda6.0.2,FBSD5.1 when using
--with--crypto; disabling kerberos support provides a working coda 
userland) there's
still the problem of file permissions : Even if i'm able to manage my 
user database in ldap
i still have to assign file ACLs within coda and thus have two separate 
user databases.

Is there any hope of storing ACLs in kerberos/LDAP ?

thanks for your time :)
Received on 2004-01-12 09:48:22