Coda File System

Re: Basic Problem - coda won\'t start

From: Steffen Neumann <sneumann_at_TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
Date: 19 Dec 2003 12:28:40 +0100 writes:
> 13:53:46 WorkerInit: Version Skew with kernel! Get a newer kernel!
> 13:53:46 WorkerInit: Kernel version is 2
> Do I need to patch something, or do I need to update to kernel 2.4.23?

Of course you need to update to secure against introders ;-)

For the coda part, you do not need to upgrade the kernel.

As Jan pointed out, there is the linux-coda*.tgz
(which you can also get from CVS, check out linux-coda).

Run the ./Configure that is contained, and you will be asked
questions about your kernel-sources. It will compile a coda.o module
and bob is your uncle.

So long,
Received on 2003-12-19 06:34:19