Coda File System

Re: Coda And Samba PDC Server

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 05:46:19 -0500
Hello Pedro,

> >Our project it´s to implant Coda with a Samba PDC Server and replicate

you may wish to read the thread
(or you probably already did)

the most evident issues are
- Windows applications opening files read/write and causing unnecessary
  stores and possibly conflicts
- Coda conflicts are not repairable via Samba
- you need cleartext passwords and a suitable Coda pam module

> /dev/vgdata2/projectes  77G   66G   12G  85% /projectes
> /dev/vgdata2/intern     35G   26G  9.5G  73% /intern

It looks like an amount for at least 3 coda server processes,
each with 1G RVM.

> For this space of date what´s the optimal RVM space and the optimal
> local cache for a configuration like and the space used ( 77G and 35G ) :

The [samba server] client cache size depends on how big part of that data
is going to be used simultaneously/often. Let it be several gigabytes and
watch the usage. You can easily reconfigure it (though losing the cache
contents each time).

You may want to test the current native Coda client for Windows from cvs.
No idea of its status but if it works for you, it would be the right
solution compared to a samba gateway.

> One SCM with the replicate volumes, another machine NONSCM also with the
> volumes replicated and finally another NON-SCM2 machine running venus
> and Samba/PDC with about 120 workers in the office.

It should work but be warned that you will certainly have one of the
biggest existing production setups. Plan well for disaster recoveries :)

Received on 2003-12-17 11:31:03