Coda File System

Re: Multiple servers on single machine with single NIC and IP?

From: Samir Patel <>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 09:07:37 -0500
On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 16:11, Jan Harkes wrote:
> You are right. When a client asks about the location of a volume, it is
> given a single IPv4 address for each replica and assumes that there will
> be a Coda server that knows about the replica at that ip-address
> listening on the (hardcoded/reserved) port 2432/udp.

How hard would it be to change this hardcoded port (is it possible
without totally destroying everything... is this hardcoded within
codasrv, rpc2 or a little everywhere)?  From an ignorant persons point
of view, it would seem that a Coda Server / Venus pair running on a port
other than the default would provide better scalability and possibly
better security.

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