Coda File System

SCM and NON-SCM problem

From: Pedro Pérezs <>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 10:20:42 +0100
SCM and NON-SCM problem

Hi, we have a problem with a SCM coda server and a NON-SCM coda Server.
We installed Coda package in two pc´s with suse 8.1 one is the SCM 
Server and the other is
the NON-SCM server. But the /coda of the two servers don´t replicated.
It´s posible to do that?
Or is problem of the configuration of the servers?.

Another question, we think to install in one machine the server and the 
client, it´s posible
to do that?

Thank you all the people of the Coda Project.

P.D: If anybody is from Spain please contact us for tell me about this 



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