Coda File System

Re: FAQ: Is Coda ready for use?

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 11:17:50 +0900
>>>>> "Lionix" == Lionix  <> writes:

    Lionix> And [Jan] always take the time one day to read the ml and
    Lionix> write some responses.

That's right, he'll jump in soon if there are mistakes or unanswered
questions.  You shouldn't write him privately unless it's something
you know is uninteresting to the list (like megabytes of logs).

    Lionix> Disconnected mode is a wonderful thing for loptop file
    Lionix> management.

Of course.  But Joerg seems to have a specific application in mind,
with fixed connections for workstations.  Maybe he will be very happy
to use those features later, but right now he wants high-availability
replicated distributed file service.

    Lionix> I get some troubles... Morevover I've observed that venus
    Lionix> generaly writedisconnect from most volumes when one volume
    Lionix> is heavy touched and turn into disconected state ...

I would think you could improve availability by having several
servers, each serving only a fraction of the volumes.

Also, by reducing bandwidth needed on weak connections (eg, by using
rsync protocol for transport) probably this could be improved.  That
would be a pretty big project though, I suppose.

    Lionix> If I remember correctly venus fetch files to the fastest
    Lionix> server to response his request.

    Lionix> And then servers replicate to themself data....

If write-connected, the client then pushes mutations to all servers
IIRC.  However, I would say read the theory documents on again.  They explain this in detail, and also what
happens in weakly-connected cases (eg, a subset of servers down or
network partitioned).

    Lionix> I think a risk arize if venus crash during fetching file
    Lionix> to server in a rvm-less config....  All data in memory of
    Lionix> venus machine would be lost !

Of course.

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