Coda File System

Re: FAQ: Is Coda ready for use?

From: Lionix <>
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 21:38:38 +0100
>I don't see why.  Maybe multiple servers, multiple VSGs for
>performance or organizational reasons, but Coda scales well in that
Whop's...I was understanding 200 servers instead of ~ 200 clients...

>Ie, "yes".
I've read some in order to know a little bit what a userspace is....
hum hum...

>The coda client is quite complex; the kernel provides only
>enough services to implement to VFS interface, so that ordinary
>programs can use usual file APIs.  All real work is done by upcalls
>into the client (which is actually a server from the point of view of
>other processes accessing it:
>                                      network
>Unix process <-+  +--> venus daemon <---------> coda server
>               |  |          A
>           VFS |  | Coda     |
>      downcall |  | upcall   |
>               |  |          |
>               V  V          V
>              kernel     file cache
>and any file data returned follows the opposite path.
Quite interesting thanks ! One step more in coda understanding.
I should read some general docs too on coda, I did it at begining and 
didn't understand too much at all.
So I only follow the way of  practicing and reading ML...

The bad student will go home and read / work... :-P


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