Coda File System

FAQ: Is Coda ready for use?

From: Joerg Sommer <>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 21:30:48 +0000 (UTC)

I know this is a FAQ, but one year ago, the homepage said the same and I
won't believe it's still so.

Currently we are running an AFS installion on nearly 30 machines with
Linux Debian as root fs. But last week I picked off the server and all
was down. This event brought on a discussion about availability and afs
doesn't have any mechanisms for high availability. Does coda has an
Achilles' heel like afs the volume server? How is the knowledge about the
volume managed and saved?

We plan to use coda on the whole faculty to provide user home dirs and
data. This would be nearly 200 machines and 1000 users. Is coda ready for
such a usage or would we run in trouble?

I read in any documentation coda respects the unix permission of files.
Is this correct? With afs we have the problem secure files in a public
directory like /etc/shadow aren't save. Everyone can access them and we
could restrict the access to them without inhibit access to the whole

How does coda match with kerberos? I read some articles in the archive
which tell about problems. Are there still problems?

Is there a port to True64? Or does Coda run on alpha architecture?

Is it possible to deactivate the cache on the client machines at runtime?
Does coda need a process in userspace to access the coda fs?

Does coda support the new 64 bit system commands like fcntl64?

Bye, Joerg.

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