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From: R.M.N.B. Ratnayake <>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 06:21:09 -0500
Dear sir

I am Nevil Rathnayake from Sri Lanka. also Computer Science M.Sc. student 
from Peradeniya University  in Sri Lanka. I work under sabaragamuwa 
University of Sri Lanka as Computer instructor in Computer Technology 
GradeII. I am doing 6 months project about coda file systems in my M.Sc.

please help me for the following probloms
1. Frist I need to install the coda systems to Windows server NT4.0

2.I downloads Coda-5.2.3.tgz and coda-debug-server-5.2.4-1.exe  using web site

3. There is a problems. what another files download by me? please send the 
file name and also locations.

Thanking very much

R.M.N.B. Rathnayake 
Centre for Computer Studies
Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
P.Box. 02 
T.P. 045-2280049 
Fax. 045-2280118
Received on 2003-11-11 16:13:08