Coda File System

Integrating coda with a messaging service (like Jabber).

From: Samir Patel <>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 12:24:38 -0500
Hello all,

I'm not sure if I'm thinking about this in the right way, but can Coda
authentication be co-mingled with Jabber authentication?  I think this
would involve creating a link between a Jabber server and Coda... this
make sense?  I am trying to figure out a way of authenticating into an
Instant Messaging client simply by authenticating into Coda.  I figure
Jabber provides the best resources for accomplishing this sort of
integration, but I could be totally off in my reasoning.  Has anyone
played around with a setup like this, or considered creating a similar

Is there something similar to the AFS <-> Zephyr duo for Coda?


Received on 2003-11-07 12:34:09