Coda File System

newbie, Authentication troubles

From: Richard Kreuter <>
Date: 06 Nov 2003 18:56:00 -0500

I've recently set up my first coda install, mostly just for testing.
The task was somewhat daunting (mostly because the available
documentation is out of date), but ultimately successful, sort of.

After setting the server up, creating a couple accounts, and creating
a volume, I find that I'm unable to authenticate to the coda server on
the host on which the server runs.  I am able to authenticate from
another machine, however, and thereafter am able to access the volumes
in the cell as desired from this non-server system.

Here is an sample of what gets logged in /vice/auth2/AuthLog on trying
to authenticate from the host on which the server is running, after
which ctokens shows no tokens, and attempts to do anything to files in
the volume fails with Permission Denied errors:

18:04:16 In PWGetKeys()
18:04:16        vid = 1000
18:04:16        vid = 1000
18:04:16 AuthNewConn(0x13, 0, 66, 2, 1000)

Here's the log of a successful authentication, from the other host.
Does this tell anybody anything?

18:43:13 In PWGetKeys()
18:43:13        vid = 1000
18:43:13        vid = 1000
18:43:13 AuthNewConn(0x3a8f, 0, 66, 2, 1000)

Any suggestions?

Here's the info on the systems:

Server: Debian GNU/Linux x86 3.0r1
Relevant packages, installed from via apt-get:
coda-client    6.0.3-1
librpc23       1.20   
librvm1        1.8    
liblwp2        1.10   
coda-server    6.0.3-1
coda-update    6.0.3-1
rvm-tools      1.8    

Client-only box: Debian GNU/Linux x86 3.0r1
Relevant packages, installed from via apt-get:
ii  coda-client    6.0.3-1        Client for the Coda distributed file system
ii  librpc23       1.20           Remote procedure call library
ii  librvm1        1.8            Recoverable Virtual Memory
ii  liblwp2        1.10           LWP thread library

Thank you in advance,
Richard Kreuter
Received on 2003-11-06 18:58:22