Coda File System

Re: No partitions found for server...

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 15:57:46 -0500
On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 10:27:31PM -0500, Bartosz Stepien wrote:
> - whenever I try to create a replicated volume (using Coda howto or
>   manual (I know, outdeted) and instructions printed by vice-setup),
>   createvol_rep ends with "Found no partitions for server hg.wew.". No
>   RPC errors, no other errors, no nothing. Nothing interesting in logs
>   (rpclog empty, others -- no errors, on both sides). Adding vols to
>   kinga alone works well, but I need them replicated. Data from /vice
>   does travel from kinga to hg.

There was initially some question whether the vicetab file should be a
single file for all servers, or a separate file on each server. I know
that the CMU servers are using separate files.

I am not sure what newly installed servers do. If the vicetab file is
listed in /vice/db/files it is probably copied over from the SCM and
will have to be updated on the SCM if you don't want to lose local
changes. If it isn't listed you will probably have to edit it on the
second server.

The format is quite simple

    <servername> <partition-name> <filetree options>

The server name is matched using DNS lookups, the server looks up the
ip-address of <servername> and checks if it matches it's (broken) belief
as to what it's own ip-address is, i.e the first entry in the result of

So check the vicetab file to see if it has an entry for your second
server. The server only reads it during startup, so you might have to
restart the secondary server before it picks up any changes.

If everything is ok, it should write something like the following to

    01:16:38 Main thread just did a RVM_SET_THREAD_DATA
    Partition /vicepa: inodes in use: 57240, total: 262144.
    Partition /vicepb: inodes in use: 27379, total: 262144.
    01:17:24 Partition /vicepa: 1930382K available (minfree=5%), 33747K free.
    01:17:24 Partition /vicepb: 1930413K available (minfree=5%), 481571K free.
    01:17:24 The server (pid 248) can be controlled using volutil commands

The 'Partition' messages indicate that it actually recognized entries in
the vicetab file as belonging to itself.

> seems the only bad sign. I'm not sure about VSGDB format: there should
> be one id for kinga, second for hg, third different for group, shouldn't
> it? I have also tried adding root vol. having hg configured and running,

Since 6.0.0, the VSGDB file is only used by createvol_rep to find out on
which servers the replicas should be created. You could list only kinga
and hg if you only want replicated volumes. Something like,

    E0000200 kinga hg

And then 'createvol_rep rootvolume E0000200' should create a replicated
volumes on kinga and hg.

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