Coda File System

volutil problems

From: Eric Estabrooks <>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 09:46:13 -0500
I just started playing with coda and ran into some problems.

debian unstable using 6.0.3 deb packages
2.6.0-test4 kernel using coda module patched with the 2.5 patch (which 
applied except for coda_psdev.h which had some differing function 

The coda client and server seem to work fine.  I set up a volume with 
multiple servers and the data replicated fine and I can access it with 
clients just fine.  The problem is when I try to use volutil operations 
like dump, dumpestimate, clone, ..., I get <CMD> failed with Unknown 
RPC2 return code 103.  I can do volutil info operations.

Any suggestions?



Received on 2003-11-01 14:47:00