Coda File System

Re: practical limitations for file size/number in Coda

From: Lionix <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 22:14:11 +0100
>What are the limits of Coda?
One is the maximum amount of files you can strore in a directory....
Others are rvm, log size limitation but you don't fit in that case....

>What is the biggest file it can handle?
>What is the biggest Coda volume?
>What other limits might bite a user with lots of big files??
>I looked and couldn't find answers
> to these basic questions on the Coda site.
That's certainly because most responses to such questions could be found 
on the ML archive....
You can consider it as a knowledge database not weel organised...

>( Please, please tell me to RTFM...
>    with a URL to the relevant page of the FM of course)

I did not bookmark the url so I start searching randomly...
But found it rapidly when I remembered I read a mail dealing around that 
when i was looking for 6.0.0 new release feathers and upgrade troubles...

>I've got 20 Gig of files and growing fast.
>(400 Gig of space on the server)
>Each file up to and a bit over 2 Gig.
Sigh... It would be possible to try the challenge without the 
possibility to make backup of your data but you'll be oblige to 
replicate in order to have reduduncy protection...

However, not completely sure ( ~ 98% ) but i remember that the bigest 
file you can store was aroud 2Go too...
If nobody tells you I'm wrong, consider that you'll have to wait some 
more monthes sorry....

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