Coda File System

Come-and-go system with data replication

From: <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 18:38:23 -0000

I'm playing around with Coda now for the third week and I really don't know if I head to the right direction. I would like to have a "public" directory for <50 nodes, where everyone (with permission) can read/write. 
The data that a node stores on the network, shall be also available, when the node goes offline. 
That means I need my data redundant on two or more servers (in case the client is at the same time server). 
Additionally it is a come-and-go system, so when a server goes offline, another one must be started and so on (so that f.e. always 3 servers are online). I thought, it should be possible with some scripting and some monitoring to have the appropriate files copied and the daemons started. I think a server needs to be restarted when another one is added, so it's probably better to have only two or three servers in the network (probably with Coda it's not possible for all nodes to work at a client and server at the same time). I don't want to rely on caching, because also new clients should get access to all files.
I have tried to get a clue of how to use rootvolumes, additional volumes, replication and so on, but I'm seriously afraid, I need advice, how to structure such a system with Coda.

I could really need some advice, so if someone has an idea, it would be great.

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